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MA510 - 10" x 16" Dual Purpose Cedar Garden Planter Box & Storage Box (Set of 2)

MA510 - 10" x 16" Dual Purpose Cedar Garden Planter Box & Storage Box (Set of 2)
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Our MAOS Cedar Box sells by 2 and functions as both Planter Box and Storage Box. Made of 100% wood and finished with natural wood color, our cedar box is a perfect addition to either your indoor countertop, desktop and window sill or your outdoor garden and patio. As Planter Box, it can be used for any small plants, like succulents, herbs, cacti, and small flowers; as Storage Box, it can hold garden tools, wine bottles, magazines, toilet paper, remote controls, laundry stuff and more. Half an inch thickness, as well as cut-out design on side panels, ensures the strong and sturdy structure. Available for DIY painting. Our Cedar Planter & Storage Box will either enrich your life or make your life more organized and efficient. 


  • Sell by 2 as a set, each with dual functions of either Planter or Storage Box;
  • Made from naturally rot- and insect-resistant Cedar wood, no chemicals;
  • 0.5" thick panels, as well as cut-out design on side boards, guarantee the firm structure;
  • Raised bottom structure with two slat support to guarantee better air circulation and surplus water discharge;
  • Perfect for planting succulents, herbs, cacti and other small plants and flowers;
  • Can be used as garden tool box, countertop & window sill storage box, or any place for storage; 
  • Perfect display either with nature wood color or with any color you paint;
  • For indoor and outdoor use. 


  • Products Size:             16"L * 10"W * 5.5"H
  • Product Weight:         5.5 lbs
  • Shipping Size:             16.0"L * 12"W * 12.0"H
  • Shipping Weight:       11.5 lbs
  • Type of wood:             Chinese Cedar


How can I reduce the amount of weathering to my Play System?
At the factory, we have coated the wood with a water repellent or stain. This coating decreases the amount of water absorption during rain or snow thus decreasing the tension in the wood. Sunlight will break down the coating, so we recommend applying a water repellent or stain on a yearly basis (see your local stain and paint supplier for a recommended product).
Most weathering is just the normal result of nature and will not affect safe play and enjoyment for your child. However, if you are concerned that a part has experienced a severe weathering problem please call our consumer relations department for further assistance.





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